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What gorgeous weather this weekend, boating, fishing and great friends, how  can life get any better!
"RIP Mike catch lots"

Now this is the biggest redfish that I've ever caught and it was delicious!

This is the 2nd biggest Redfish I have ever caught and it was right off of my dock!

This was Anna's first Jack caught 

The grouper was released just short of legal, but the trout that we caught in the river was delicious!

Such a great year so far . . . no red tide or hurricanes! 

This Dolphin came right up to our boat on the island south of Anclote key, north of 3 Rooker, boy was he hungry
We fed him half of all the bait fish we caught. But an experience like this doesn't happen every day! 

This Cobia was caught in 43' water out at Pinellas Bouy. 

This latest cold front brought in the big Jack in the river and the Spanny Macks were gone from Anclote, todays fishing report. . . .
Yes today's Jack was huge, waiting
for the water out in the gulf to get to 70 deg for the Macks to be back, spring fishing is here what a great area we 
live in!

This week the Spanish Mackeral were going wild just inside Anclote Key. The picture to the far right is a pelican's dive into one of the many bait balls.

Well it looks like the Jack are gone but tonight I got a mullet and I took this picture to prove it to all you disbelivers that I caught it on shrimp!

The Jacks have invaded the river and what great fun to catch!

The snook are finally in the river. This beauty was caught & released for another day

This past Friday was a wierd fishing day. It was an incoming tide and we were chunking & chumming! This is what was caught!

Thanks to Chuck & Mike for a great fishing trip and one of the smallest sharks I've ever seen:)

Key West winners in the Marlin Tournament and the Papa contest. Congratulations to Serenity from St Petersburg on the big Marlin Winner.

What a pleasant surprise to have a couple  of Dolphins up the river to say Hi!

You can see the shadow from our boat on  the lift to the left.

What a day on the water, 85* water temp and 89* dry air. We had to take our poles out to get a breather in the action. Enjoy the pics.

Yea, this is the one that got away, even with the drag locked down, the line was still squeelin', well after fighting this beast for over 20 minutes I ended up on my backside with broken 60 pound tightline and totally out of breath! We think it was a HUGE stingray and a couple of times it almost pulled me over board. Can't wait to go again!

What a beautiful January day in Florida, in the low 80's  and dolphin playing in the river.

The Jack are back in the river!  The winter  fishing season is upon us.

Our new boat from Sunray Marine & Pro-Line. They did an excellent job and we're just thrilled on the quality. Look out fish here we come!

Thank you Mark, Sandy and Henry for a wonderful visit, we hope you enjoyed it and will come back again!

Anclote River Redfish!
Now all I need is a trout for the grand slam!

This Snook was caught in the Anclote River. It weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 33".

Can you believe I have a cat that just loves the water? He just loves to go on rides too.

This was shortly after Jeanne went thru Florida the Gulf was so stirred up it looked like plumes under the surface of the water. We had to go out past Anclote Key to find cleaner water and came across thousands of bait fish and of course where there are bait fish there are other fish.

This is Sandbar Island thats growing very nicely. On the weekends you'll see this place full of boats.

It was just girls day out this Sunday and what a beautiful day just North on Anclote key. We saw a lot of people on the water but few fishers, just to busy on the  weekends.

This is my daughter Anna's first turtle caught out of the river!

Another beautiful day on the gulf, we caught a lot of hammerhead sharks and black sea bass

Black Drum caught in the Anclote River. This is a catch and release as they are prone to worms in the summer.

I caught this Gar fish right off our dock on the Anclote River, looks like good fishing coming!



 This is just before sunset on the Dunedin Causeway, business has been just great this first quarter and I can't wait to get back out on the water. We do go to the Causeway and just wanted to share this picture with you all. Thank you for all the referrals! 
What a day! The grouper didn't get away. We caught 2 keeper fish and I cooked them with tomato's and garlic on the grill . . . (skinned and de-boned) delicious. The water was 60 degrees and we were at the Dunedin reef in an outgoing tide just before a front in approx. 24'.
No King fish today, but we were able to catch a beautiful rainbow, and a Cobia 1" too short to keep.
Yes, I know I should have been working but this was a day that will never be forgotten!. Take a look at what we caught on this overcast Friday off Honeymoon Island, Dunedin just before the Hunters Moon. Thursday Nov. 20, 2003 Tom Pettit of Palm Harbor was catch of the week on channel 47 Fishing Adventure! Great Fishing TOM!
The fishing is starting to pick up and the sea bass are getting bigger. We caught a lot of Blue fish and a Blacktip shark that's going on the dinner table tomorrow.
Some of Ozona's finest homes
What a way to get a workout!
Friday Sept 26, 2003. What a stunning day on the water. We caught a 5' nurse shark, bonnethead shark, lots of black sea bass, and about 7 blue fish that we'll be enjoying this Sunday. Here's some of the pictures I took out in St Joesph Sound, hope you enjoy.
If you enjoy fresh water Lake Tarpon is 7 miles long with many canals and located in Tarpon Springs and Palm Harbor. This picture was taken by boat thru one of the canals off Lake Tarpon on the East Lake side of Tarpon Springs.
Some of the beautiful homes of Crystal Beach.
Crystal Beach, FL
Pontoon Boats are great for Florida, it doesn't matter what the tide is you can always enjoy the Gulf. The Dunedin Causeway from an island.
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